Thursday, March 24, 2011

Im Back, again...

Well, it is official, I'm really not good at blogs, or journals, or anything of the sort. But i was finally inspired to get back on, not that anyone reads it ;) but i am going to keep doing this blog, for my own good.
So, as my first redemption post, i had a crazy and marvelous idea last night! Phsycology bracelets...ya, i know, it sounds weird.
But thats beside the point, basically they are just bracelets of anykind, but they stand for something by either their color or the material its made out of etc. So for example if a goal i wanted to accomplish was write one blog post every week, haha, then i might choose a orange material and make a bracelet out of it. Then i would know everytime i looked at it.."oh, orange,I will write once a week."
Now heres the crazy part, well not really im just trying to be dramatic, everytime you look at your bracelet(s) you say in your head "I will......", so then everytime you think that, i believe it will influence you to do it, because you'll be thinking about it all the time :)
Brilliant Idea? I say yes :)