Saturday, October 15, 2011

A mere fairytale...

I haven't felt like writing lately,
or really doing anything for that matter.

I just live in my head imagining something amazing will happen.
Imagining moments that I know would never happen, especially to me.

I try to convince myself I won't have to wake up go to classes and then come home.
Come home and do homework, and not talk to anyone.

I waste my time hoping, praying that a "movie moment" will be just around the corner.
That someone will come up to me, that HE'll come up to me. And that I won't blush.

I dream that everything is perfect that I'm happy, that I'm not shy.
That I'm not a nothing. That certain people think of me the way I think of them.

But the fact is Real Life isn't like that, it never will be.
"That stuff only happens in movies." ...well it's self explanitory

And then theres that one day, that it happens.
And you cant believe that it's REALLY happening.

And you smile.
And finally I've had my "movie moment"

But at the same time I'm scared. This has never happened.
And I don't want to mess anything up.

But its ok, because I'm still smiling. :)

Take a deep breath...